Phytoguard Extended by Wise Woman Herbals

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Phytoguard Extended by Wise Woman Herbals

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Phytoguard Extended 2 oz 

Formerly Phytoguard II 

Liquid Extract Compound

Dry root of Astragalus (organic) 
Dry fruit of Ligustrum (best quality) 
Dry fruit of Schizandra (wu wei zi) (best quality) 
Dry root of Glycyrrhiza (licorice) (organic) 
Dry root of Eleutherococcus (Eleuthero) (best quality) 
Dry root of Codonopsis (Dang Shen) (best quality) 
Dry root of Atractytiodes (Bai-Zhu) (best quality) 

Other Ingredients: 
Pure grain alcohol: 48-53% 

Suggested Use: 
Shake well. The presence of particulate matter in this product is normal. 
Add 15-60 drops to water 1-4 times per day. 

Consult a health care practitioner for proper use