“My daughter was suffering from itchy skin, clearing of her throat, and persistent cough at the time she went to see Dr. Josselson. Before that she had had pneumonia, repeated ear infections, scarlet fever, tubes inserted into her ears, and adenoids taken out. She was diagnosed with reflux, asthma, and allergies to birch, dust, and mold. Daily medications consisted of Flovent, Zyxzal, and Nasonex. When she was sick she also took Albuterol treatments and Dimetapp.  The decision to take her to see Dr. Josselson was made because I was so tired of all the different medications, which did not seem to help her anyway. I wanted another way of dealing with this. Dr Josselson efficiently pinpointed the cause of my daughter’s symptoms. She is now off all medications! I recommend Dr. Josselson to anyone who wants to find the real cause of a health issue and then fixing it in a more natural way.”


“I have been going to Dr. Josselson since September 2013 and in this short time she has completely changed everything for me for the better. I have been going to other Doctors including specialists trying to figure out what was wrong with me and since my blood work test were coming out okay they would just send me on my way and tell me it was stress. Then someone recommended Dr. Josselson and finally I am feeling so much better. First of all, she spends time with you and listens to everything you have to say. I did not feel rushed at all and she is very empathetic. After she listened to everything she knew the right testing I needed and finally we got some answers. Dr. Josselson was then able to make the recommendations that I need and I have followed them and I can honestly say in this short time frame I am about 90% better. Just to give you some examples of what my symptoms were: extreme fatigue, hives, eczema, headaches, forgetfulness, hair loss, irritability, sore gums, dizziness and stomach issues. I would and I do highly recommend Dr. Josselson.”


“Dr. Josselson is an amazing doctor. I have learned so much from her and it has helped me tremendously. I have gone from not being able to go up and down the stairs because of fatigue and pain in my legs, to being able to work out for half an hour or longer now. It has been three months and I feel so alive. Thank you so much for what you have done for me!”


Dr. Josselson is a wonderful listener, observer, and naturopathic doctor. I came to her after experiencing several different symptoms, a distinct pain and a lack of diagnosis from what seemed to be an unknown condition. I had been in and out of medical doctors who had not given me a straight answer but decided it would be fine to prescribe me something anyway. This was after listening to what I had to say for about 3 minutes. I decided at that point to not take the prescribed medicine and talk to someone who would listen to me for more than 3 minutes. I found Dr. J on google and I couldn't have been happier. Not only did she listen to me for over an hour and half, but I had a distinctive pain in my side and she prescribed me some herbal remedies that really helped me. The pain has almost completely disappeared and I felt that not only was she willing to help but that she actually cared about me, personally, and wanted to see me get better. I highly suggest her as a naturopathic doctor. 


I met Dr Josselson after seeing 16 other doctors and specialists over the course of a year and a half. Not one could diagnose my issues nor listened to my previous medical history, I was subject to invasive tests, scans, and rounds and rounds of blood work. Within two hours of my first appointment with Dr Josselson whom not only listened but asked about my entire comprehensive background.  She hit the nail on the head and finally we had a diagnoses! I will be forever grateful that I not only chose to see a naturopathic doctor but that I chose the right one to see. 


Consulting with Dr. Josselson has turned out to be one of the best health decisions of my life.  Dr. Josselson came highly recommended to me and my experience as her patient has been excellent.  Many chronic symptoms have been relieved, I have a lot more energy and I’m finally losing the extra weight that I’ve been carrying around for years.  Dr. Josselson’s expert advice and individualized care plan have set me on a path of wellness that I didn’t realize was possible!  

- J.R.

 Dr Josselson is brilliant and dedicated to helping her patients! If you are interested in pursuing naturopathic medicine as a solution to your healthy concerns I highly recommend this doctor!

- HD


I was diagnosed with acid reflux about two years ago.  I sought traditional medical advice from my PCP and a gastroenterologist.  As a registered nurse, I understood the importance of controlling the reflux.  I had various testing done and I was placed on multiple medications over the course of a year and a half.  Most of the medications were ineffective or gave me temporary relief.  I also had severe allergic reactions to several of the medications.  I began taking over-the-counter remedies frequently with minimal relief.  Eating even the blandest of foods aggravated my reflux.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted.  I needed to find another option.

 I met with Dr. Josselson in October of 2014 for my initial consultation.  She spent almost two hours trying to obtain a thorough assessment and trying to get to know me from head to toe.  She was empathetic and very knowledgeable.  She recommended a food sensitivity panel, as well as supplements to promote gut rest and gut healing.  I eliminated those sensitivities from my diet.  After a month or so, I began to feel more energetic and my reflux improved significantly.  I haven't wanted to reach for an over-the-counter remedy since early November!  I am now re-introducing foods back into my diet.  Overall, I am feeling more like myself than I have in two years!


When coming to Dr. Josselson, I was suffering from a few issues.  My main concern however, was some severe acne I had somewhat suddenly developed all around my jaw line.   As a 31 year old woman, I thought I was past this phase of my life and did not welcome it back.  I was miserable about it and it made me very self-conscious all the time.  I felt uncomfortable in dating situations, at work, in the daylight, etc.  It was taking a real toll on me.  Jawline acne is usually assumed to be hormonal, but after a very in depth consultation with Dr. Josselson, she had a hunch it was caused by yeast overgrowth in my stomach/body.  Sure enough a test confirmed this and she gave me dietary recommendations and supplements to attack the problem.  I was amazed that within a week it started to clear up and by the time I was done my “cleanse” diet it was gone.  My skin remains clear months later with no acne products needed.  I am elated with this! My daily life, confidence and self-esteem are better because of visiting Dr. J and I am so grateful for this every day.  We still have a few things to sort through, but I feel confident we will figure them out.  Dr. Josselson is very knowledgeable, dedicated and relentless in pursuing the root cause of issues and treating problems at their source.  I am so happy I found her! 


Dr. Josselson is an angel in disguise. I've had abnormal paps for years due to HPV, which had led to a cone biopsy and LEEP. These procedures were bandages, which only treated the symptoms. I had never felt so defeated. I was seen by 2 naturopathic doctors before her, yet her protocol has been the only effective one for me. I am proud to say that my latest pap and colposcopy/biopsy have both come back normal. I am 100% confident that I will have clear results next year for my follow up. Dr. Josselson is attentive to my needs and is always available, when needed. I cannot say THANK YOU enough! :)


At 25-years-old I had been suffering from acid reflux for over 2 years, continued to suffer from acne and was constantly feeling fatigued. I had been on a number of antibiotics for my acne and prescription drugs for my heartburn but it wasn’t helping. I also began to form eczema on my hands in which they would become severely irritated and itchy after eating practically anything. I knew I had to explore other options to figure out what was going on inside of me. That’s when I came across Dr. Melissa Josselson’s website and her holistic approach. 

 With her personal holistic approach, Dr. Josselson has improved and alleviated my symptoms which, in turn, has made me a more energetic and happy individual. She was able to quickly figure out my problem and make beneficial recommendations. Once my gut health improved, so did all of my other symptoms. I am beyond grateful to have finally found relief through Dr. Josselson’s care.