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“...she spends time with you and listens to everything you have to say. I did not feel rushed at all and she is very empathetic.”

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is the cornerstone of Naturopathic Therapy. It refers to the use of food as medicine. A balanced diet with the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants is essential for your body to stay healthy. Clinical nutrition is used to identify any nutrient deficiencies, excesses and food allergies. Food and nutritional supplements are used to prevent and treat illness and also to achieve optimal health.

Botanical Medicine

Plant substances have been used as powerful medicine for ages, long before the development of synthetic pharmaceuticals. Botanical medicine can be used in a variety of forms such as tinctures, capsules, essential oils, and teas. When selected appropriately, botanical medicine offers an effective approach to healing with few side effects.  

Lifestyle Coaching and Stress Management

A large portion of illness is believed to result from prolonged stress. Unfortunately stress is inevitable, but how you manage it largely affects its impact on your health. Choices we make everyday affect our health and well-being. Naturopathic philosophy emphasizes the importance of taking control of your health and focusing on prevention. Learn tools for living a healthy life, protecting yourself against the harmful effects of stress, and preventing minor illnesses from turning into more serious, chronic degenerative diseases.


 Personal detoxification programs may be recommended for specific conditions, or for general health and vitality. Cleansing helps the body to mobilize and release toxins that have been stored in your body when they could not be released.


 The therapeutic use of hot and cold water is a gentle treatment that increases circulation to affected areas, bringing nutrients, removing waste products, focusing the immune system, and stimulating the body’s ability to heal.


 Homeopathy is an energetic form of healing based on the principle of "like cures like." It involves selecting a remedy based upon the individual's symptoms. Homeopathy treats the whole person by stimulating the body's own ability to heal.